Oktoberfest: Operation What’s the Point.

Yep, it’s the first part of October. Oktoberfest time.

I had to take photos for the paper, so I went to the park to see what was up. And guess what? Nothing much. Just thousands of people, shoulder to shoulder, drinking. And drinking. And drinking more.

I don’t really have a problem with this; after all, the weather was absolutely great and it was a good time to visit with lots of people in one spot, but… it just looked SILLY. Seeing middle-aged women and men, who I assume were alumni perhaps, spilling beer all over themselves and not noticing just makes you embarrassed. Embarrassed that you are there with these people.

Beer is definitely the main attraction, but I’m confused by this also. I realize that beer is probably one of the cheapest forms of alcohol available. I also realize that it has some historical significance, which I certainly won’t go into here. But, it honestly just tastes like piss most of the time. I’ll drink it, usually in a bar setting where I’m with friends, but that doesn’t mean that I enjoy the taste particularly.

So here’s my thought; maybe it’s the most successful advertising campaign ever created? Somehow, the beer companies have gotten the population to believe that beer TASTES GOOD! Many other varieties of alcohol taste much better, including plain old wine, but I didn’t see a single person drinking a nice blush or zinfandel today. Thus, the beer companies’ marketing has succeeded, fooling all of us into drinking a liquid that both looks and tastes like piss.

Otherwise, today was alright. Nothing spectacular. I was glad to see and hang with some friends that I haven’t seen in a while, but I was also saddened by other things I saw. Enormous amounts of police converge on Hays this weekend, busting parties left and right. The streets are flooded with people, making driving VERY difficult. Everyone has the same intent, to have fun, but not even half succeed I bet. Bad choices are made, expectations are dashed, and depression hits.

So in conclusion, I’m ready for Monday to roll around. The enormous pressure of making Oktoberfest “the best time of the entire year!” is just too much. I’d take an average weekend any day.

P.S. Many pictures coming very soon!