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It’s been a few days of extremes. One thing happens that makes me irritated/sad/whatever, and then the next thing I know, the pendulum has swung to the opposite end. I guess that’s a good thing.

On Saturday, I went and shot photos at a skate competition. It happened to be during the big homecoming football game, but I honestly didn’t care at all. The skaters were much more talented. And they didn’t talk shit on each other! Amazing! There was a tangible feeling of bonding, probably because skateboarders are frowned upon.

Monday was asdfjdkslag, as was today. But I did get 9 albums of photos up. All of them are here.

I was glad to hear praises from a few people I didn’t know about my recent reviews on the new Beulah album and “American Splendor“. It feels good to be read.

P.S. Tell me something positive. Or just say hello. Silence is not tolerated.
P.P.S. I’ll update more often. Fair enough?


  1. Rachel Rachel

    this is your sister….no silence here.

  2. Ross Ross

    Adam, you are a pretty creative guy…nice work on the photos! I enjoy them and reading about you day as you interpret it.

  3. jim jim

    alo cap’n… for some reason my left pinky hurts…

    at any rate… i really like the new photos you have up…

    that was a lotta drinking people :O

    anyhow… i’m out… im a shut-in who’s doing math today.

  4. FHSUTigersRock FHSUTigersRock

    No silence here…either!!!!!

  5. Cool photos. Keep on shooting.

  6. that’s some crazy stunts those skaters do. i made up a new sport after i played one of those “tony hawk pro-skater” games. “tony hawk pro runner”. it’s exactly like pro-skater, with all the ramps and rails and tricks, but without the skate board. you just run up the ramp and spin around and all that wild stuff. i had a competition with my brother and cousin one day. i lost.

    we’re still working on “tony hawk pro-pickup-truck-driver”.

  7. Guess what? Someone told me that this was an actual sport, even televised. It’s for all the ADD kids who don’t own a board.

  8. steve: offender of grammer steve: offender of grammer

    The skateboarding pics are really sweet.

    Too bad most of those tricks which look awesome halfway through probably ended up as horrible falls. Cest la vie.

  9. are you for real, adam? they totally psychically stole the idea from me then. just like mario kart. and backwards-compatibility in game systems. and hamtaro. the jerks.

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