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things are black and white from now on.

I should have known as soon as I felt the weather: the perfect temperature, cloudy and windy. Much like a movie, but I’m not sure which one.

I wore my old Fame t-shirt from high school, a faded reminder of how much fun it was to hang out with people 4 years older than I as a freshman.

The telephone game, where you pass a message until it becomes something entirely different, was played on me today. I briefly met a girl at Oktoberfest that I thought was interesting, so I told my friend Greg. I guess it was passed from friend to friend, until it reached this girl, with the message that I now have a “crush” on her. I’m fairly baffled, as it seems rather strange to be able to identify a crush after speaking with someone for 5 minutes at most. I’m just hoping that things aren’t ruined beyond repair.

Matt, Brian and Greg provided my backbone for my day. Without good friends, days just have no point. I took photographs of sabre club, which Matt is a member of. It really was eye opening, seeing the tiny details that go into fencing. And the teacher is a photography teacher on campus, who is supposedly quite good.

I may be eschewing color for a while in my photos. Texture is becoming more important.


  1. it could have been worse. by the time the message got to her, it could have been “adam has a crush on you purple monkey dishwasher.”

    i completely ripped that off from the simpsons.

  2. What a great photo.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous

    I find it baffling that you would have had a crush on me.. for like the five seconds I met you but don’t worry, I spotted the confusion right away and no, things aren’t ruined beyond repair.

    Greg ist sehr gut, ja?

  4. Dave: Yeah! The Simpsons have an answer to everything.

    Toni: Thank you! It really was an accident it turned out that well…

    Jerod: I know, I know. Sorry.

    The Girl: Wow, umm, well… yeah, sorry about the confusion. I was just worried that you might have gotten the wrong idea from the “telephone chain.” But it’s all fine now… although I don’t really know German. 🙁

  5. Greg Greg

    Ja, Greg ist sehr gut und reizvoll.

  6. german is a weird language. since it’s in the same language family as english, every so often you’ll hear a sentence in german and instantly know exactly what it means, even though you’ve never studied the language at all. just the common root words and grammatical structures i guess.

  7. People ask me why I like B/W, if color film is available. I ask, why use color film? Texture, lighting and form are easier to explore. It’s cool to see you trying new things.

  8. Matthew Matthew

    B/W is good for texture it also takes away from the image and focuses more on meaning. B/W is Nastalgic (sp) sorry.

  9. hey, i just thought, you might try to do that thing where you colorize a single object in a B/W photo. i’ve seen it done a lot, it can be kind of cool. let’s you mostly use texture/lighting/etc. like you said, but still experiment with color in a kind of different way.

  10. Krister Krister

    We should go get those icy shakey mocha thingies at starbucks again sometime.

  11. jim jim

    iiiiiiiiiii like it.

    i agree with the textures thing. who was that famous photographer who did pictures of people during the great depression… she’s prolly the most well known from the 20th century… (odd tho, that i don’t remember her name… i’m just not a photographer, i’m an illustrator dammit!)

    later adam… keep truckin the good truck.

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