things are black and white from now on.

I should have known as soon as I felt the weather: the perfect temperature, cloudy and windy. Much like a movie, but I’m not sure which one.

I wore my old Fame t-shirt from high school, a faded reminder of how much fun it was to hang out with people 4 years older than I as a freshman.

The telephone game, where you pass a message until it becomes something entirely different, was played on me today. I briefly met a girl at Oktoberfest that I thought was interesting, so I told my friend Greg. I guess it was passed from friend to friend, until it reached this girl, with the message that I now have a “crush” on her. I’m fairly baffled, as it seems rather strange to be able to identify a crush after speaking with someone for 5 minutes at most. I’m just hoping that things aren’t ruined beyond repair.

Matt, Brian and Greg provided my backbone for my day. Without good friends, days just have no point. I took photographs of sabre club, which Matt is a member of. It really was eye opening, seeing the tiny details that go into fencing. And the teacher is a photography teacher on campus, who is supposedly quite good.

I may be eschewing color for a while in my photos. Texture is becoming more important.