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hey hey hey!

I’ll be doing my Sunday night radio show from 8-10pm central on KFHS. Go here for more info! I have a lot of good stuff for this Sunday, so please join me.

P.S. As usual, updates will be coming later. And photos!


  1. greg greg

    Cool. Where’s your updates, yo?
    We’ve been having lots of fun this weekend.
    Reminder for your posts: Friday – library, art gallery, Kill Bill, coffee shop, Joey & pizzas. Sat. was wine party — Can’t wait to see the pics!

  2. ann ann

    adam rocks. streaming mp3s do not.

  3. Brian Brian

    Yeah, Adam! Get on those photos :).

  4. Greg Greg

    When’s the update? I want my ofadam! I want my ofadam!

  5. jim jim

    hey! hey!




    ofadam! *breakdances*

  6. Christy Gnad Christy Gnad

    Hey! I’m liken your photos. Very awsome. Keep me updated on your photo adventures!

  7. Matthew Matthew

    adam your fotos suk 🙂

  8. Matthew Matthew

    Har har har

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