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art art art.

[more Friday night photos here]

Friday was a busy night. I went to an art gallery opening for a photographer and a student artist. The show was really great, and there were a lot of young people there. Greg even bought two pieces of art! The photographs were pretty good, but a little overpriced. It was still refreshing to see photographs in a format not in a book, on a website or on regular paper.

Kill Bill” opened in Hays for some odd reason. It was pretty unexpected, but it looks like it was a wise move on the theater’s part. It was fairly full, with college students, and the movie itself was Interesting with a capitol “I.” You can read a review here and here to get an idea of the movie, since it’s just so unexplainable. The soundtrack is excellent, with the opening title of “Bang Bang (my baby shot me down)” sung by Nancy Sinatra being my favorite. Go see it if you can… and let me know what you think.

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