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Get busy with a book!

On Friday, I went thrifting with Greg. Well, we tried to at least. They were all closed by the time we went. The library caught my eye though, so we paid a visit. It’s being remodeled and expanded, set to fully open very soon. I picked up a Woody Allen movie, “Zelig,” and quite a few CDs of classical music. I like listening to it when I’m working.

The books I checked out look pretty good. There’s the photography book, titled “Once” by Wim Wenders, a combination of poetry with amazing photographs. Then there’s the new Matt Ridley book, “Nature via Nurture.” I’m a big fan of his books, usually regarding the relationship between genes, experiences and just what makes us who we are. I also picked up a book about spontaneous order, which is just a fascinating topic. The thought of there being almost no such thing as randomness is just plain scary.

I also got some fun stuff. Both graphic novels, one is based on “The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka. And the other book is “American Splendor,” who’s movie I recently championed.

Quite the excellent haul.



    on classical music; i went to the symphony saturday. i really liked the stuff by this 20th century composer samuel barber (it had moments where it almost sounded like something yoko kanno would do). the beethoven, however, left me thinking “JUST END, ALREADY!!!” maybe it’s just me, but the ultra old-school classical music seems to be lacking something.

  2. Yeah, I like to think of older classical as “form music.” There really are some set rules regarding chordal progressions and such that contemporary composers like Barber eschewed.

  3. Mikell Mikell

    As an HSO member and classical music lover…

    the old shit rocks.

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