Get busy with a book!

On Friday, I went thrifting with Greg. Well, we tried to at least. They were all closed by the time we went. The library caught my eye though, so we paid a visit. It’s being remodeled and expanded, set to fully open very soon. I picked up a Woody Allen movie, “Zelig,” and quite a few CDs of classical music. I like listening to it when I’m working.

The books I checked out look pretty good. There’s the photography book, titled “Once” by Wim Wenders, a combination of poetry with amazing photographs. Then there’s the new Matt Ridley book, “Nature via Nurture.” I’m a big fan of his books, usually regarding the relationship between genes, experiences and just what makes us who we are. I also picked up a book about spontaneous order, which is just a fascinating topic. The thought of there being almost no such thing as randomness is just plain scary.

I also got some fun stuff. Both graphic novels, one is based on “The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka. And the other book is “American Splendor,” who’s movie I recently championed.

Quite the excellent haul.