wine & cheese party!

Alright. We’ve caught up to Saturday.

I went to my first volleyball game ever. It was an assignment for the paper, but it actually was enjoyable. Plus, girls. That’s always a plus.

But more importantly, there was the wine & cheese party.

Greg, Brian, Jo Beth and I dressed up to the 9’s, and headed to a liquor store to buy some wine. Since I’m the only one 21 in our group, I was going to buy a bottle of wine and they would buy a nonalcoholic for the other non-drinkers at the party. Well, I picked out a strange bottle with a neat design of a koala bear.

Well, I paid for my crazy wine and Greg got ready to pay for his bottle. Then the cashier asked for his I.D. Greg told the guy it was nonalcoholic. But he still wouldn’t sell it to him. Kansas liquor law is a funny thing. Apparently, to buy anything at all in a liquor store, you must be 21 years old. Even if it has nothing to do with alcohol.

So I get ready to pull out my credit card and buy it, when Greg (smooth guy that he is) slides a $20 bill across the counter toward me. The guy, with a grave expression on his face, tells me that “you can’t do that. You’re just buying it for him.” GAH. I tried to think of another clever way to buy it without looking stupid, but gave up. How embarrassing.

We make it to the party and it’s absolutely PACKED. Someone tried counting, and came up with 40 people. In this little tiny house. Needless to say, there was a lot of different wines to try, some bad and some good. It was nice to go to a party and see people dressed up a bit. Everyone was in a great mood and were in the mood to schmooze. I met two fantastic women, one a music teacher (good grief, I can’t remember her name!) from a school district in NW Kansas, and another an incoming freshman named Kari. Thanks to both for putting up with my stupid conversations.

That’s about it I think. The photos do the rest of the talking.

Myself, Brian, Matt and Emily. I don’t know why it looks so empty. The glasses.
[more snaps]