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hello mate!

I fell asleep while doing laundry last night.

Yesterday was one of those busy days you’d rather not remember. So I didn’t. Sorry.

I’ve been listening to British radio stations, including Virgin Radio. It’s a national radio service run by record label giant Virgin Records. Immediately, this makes some people quiver. Mainly because of the fact that the stations that are owned/run in part by record labels in the States really suck. But, through a miracle of modern science, it ends up being not too shabby. Despite the fact that they play no rap, Britney Spears, etc, AND that they only broadcast on FM in London and on AM elsewhere (because of having no more FM room in England!), millions listen to it. It’s always entertaining hearing them speak of overturned lorries on the M5. Plus, they play some fairly decent music. Honestly, I think that they are just quite a bit ahead of us in culture overall. Sad.

The only other thing I can think of telling/showing you is this picture of Craig Carmean, comedian/musician and Comedian of the Year for 1999.

[more photos here]


  1. yeah, i’d definitely say the rest of the world beats us out. the music industry here looks at it too much as a form of entertainment they can make money off of, rather than as an art.

    speaking of which, remember that shiina ringo cd i let you borrow? i just got the next one after it. most creative, original album in the history of the world, from anyone, ever. and in a good way. really. you’ll have to hear it some time.

  2. Ross Ross

    the guy’s name that flew in the chinese space craft was Yang. anywho, i like…it’s down right now, so i am sad. but i look at adam’s pictures and smile once again…i like his pictures…they are good like cheese fries.

  3. jim jim


    that guy looks like he’s havin fun… you and i shoulda won those MG’s bud.

  4. Matthew Matthew

    Of course England is ahead of us culturaly! We have been here for a very short period of time. The Anglos, and Saxtons have been there for thousands of years. The have an estaplished culture. here in the Melting pot we are still formulating what we should be. I think far in the future our culture will establish itself. of course there is the “amarican” Culture like what the rest of the world sees us as. For example: American Cowboy, fat lazy Americans, and of course cockey.

  5. Mikell Mikell

    For future postings, refer to a speller. They are handy. *_*

  6. jim jim

    along with those other stereotypes, americans are typically also completely enthralled with their …nvm… i just realized i was about to leap across a line i’d rather put in a box and mail to mars

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