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freaking crap.

On the way to see my sister in Manhattan after a great weekend in Lawrence, I pulled up behind an SUV at a signal light a mile away from her dorm right around lunch. I come to a stop, behind a long line of cars. WHAAAAAAAAM. [I have no idea what the hell is happening at first, but quickly figure it out.]

Another SUV, it’s driver not paying attention to the road, plows into the back of my poor little Ford Escort. I’m pushed for a few feet, right into the back of the SUV in front of me, completing the accordion effect. The windshield cracks, the hood crumples, the airbags deploy. I’m stunned.

I know what’s happened. I sit in my car, airbags slowly deflating and a thick dust hanging in the air. It’s so thick that I’m coughing and can’t stop. The lady in front of me quickly runs out and opens her back hatch to check the dog cage stored in back. Her vehicle has one small ding. She pays no attention to me, still sitting in my fucked up car.

I’m not sure how long it took, but it seemed like seconds before the police came up to my window. I bet they were driving by.

“Are you alright,” he asked. I told him I was alright I thought, and then tried opening my driver side door. That didn’t work, so I crawled to the passenger side and got out. Three vehicles, 2 SUVs and 1 tiny car. Mine.

The old man in the SUV behind me is very nice. He shakes my hand, looking a little shook up. He tells me that although no one is physically hurt much, “my pride is.” He actually looks like he might cry, so I try to tell him that these things just happen.

I did all the police stuff, called my sister and my parents, and the guy behind me was found at fault. We move all the crap from my weekend away into my sister’s car, and mine is finally towed away. Both SUVs are fine, with minor problems on each.

I spent the rest of the day getting all the little details figured out; where were they towing it? Is my car totaled? How the hell am I traveling 2 hours back to Hays?

My car’s most likely totaled and I have some airbag burns on my arms. I’m already feeling a bit sore, and I’m sure tomorrow will be worse.

Things will be alright. My parents drove 2.5 hours from Wichita, then 2 more hours to Hays, and then almost 3 hours back to Wichita all tonight. They should be getting home fairly soon, but I’m really really glad they came up and made sure everything was alright. They even took me grocery shopping, since that will be a little hard having no transportation. We’ll see what happens the next few days and weeks.

Although carless, I’m alive.


  1. Brian Brian

    Hey what really matters is that you came away from this relatively unharmed.

  2. Mikell Mikell

    Couldn’t sleep. What’s new.

    Also, you may get a relatively better car than a Ford Escort out of this. However, I will light a candle for the passing of the Escort.

    And.. most of all YOU just came out of this like those big strong SUVs… with just a little scratch. Can’t say much for your car, though.

    Sure as hell glad you’re ok.

  3. laura laura

    So glad you’re okay, Adam. Wrecks are the worst. I cried when I had mine this summer…my poor “bluebird.” I hope you weren’t too attached to the car….and that all comes out for you in the end on it. And I hope that arm feels better, wow!

  4. ann ann

    now i’m scared to have my car down here for the rest of the year. garr car accidents 🙁

  5. Ross Ross

    Don’t want to beat a dead horse, but glad you are alright man. with SUV’s it probably could have been worse and good thing it wasn’t. You parents are pretty kool to do that for ya. Rock on parents!

  6. i do want to beat a dead horse, until it is reduced to a pulpy mass of meaty goodness, so i too will say glad you got out of it okay.

    SUV’s are jerks.

  7. laura laura

    yes, they are…but i also have a personal vendetta against cadillacs 😉

  8. Carrie Carrie

    ADAM….NOOOOO….I can’t believe you were in a car wreck. I’m so glad you are okay.

  9. FHSUTigersRock FHSUTigersRock

    Adam….The good news your not hurt too badly, but it sucks that you are carless…I know the feeling because I been there and done that…Isn’t very fun!!!!

  10. Ein Fagott (Auf Deutsch Bitte) Ein Fagott (Auf Deutsch Bitte)

    Just be glad that you weren’t on a moped.

    NPR rocks. Nightcrossings.

  11. Kathy Kathy

    Turning 21 and being in a car wreck all in the same year, I hope the next couple of months are a bit less dramatic.Also, what can I say except that they broke the mold when they made your parents; and even if your Dad is my brother, I think he’s a pretty swell guy.
    Stay safe.

  12. Sorry to hear, Adam… Maybe time to get a cooler car?

  13. If I’ve learned anything from this article, is that we need powder-free airbags.

    Glad you’re okay.

  14. Krister Krister

    Adam gets a new car!

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