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And more? Yes!

More from last weekend:
Saturday was “explore Lawrence day.” Steve and I went down to Mass St to do some shopping. It was pretty busy, on account of Homecoming, but we spent most of the afternoon there. These are the things I got:
-a fruit smoothy
-two shirts and some pants from Arizona Trading Company (great thrift store)

That’s really it. I shot most of the photos from the hip, just for fun. We also visited music stores, a comic store, countless clothing stores, etc etc etc. I’m not sure why I’m talking about this so much. Better stop.

^Record stores are soooo good in Lawrence. Hooray!

When we got back to his hall, we went to eat dinner with Connie and her friend. Finally, we got to eat at Old Chicago. Hooray. I wanted to go to the KU Union after that, so Steve and I walked over to it. It’s really a pretty damn nice one, with 6 stories and really anything you could need. I took pictures of it, mainly so I can remember how crappy the Fort Hays Union is.

^Their nice union. Oooh.

After that, we watched “Jackie Brown” with some other dudes. That movie is great! A Quentin Tarantino movie, it’s about a flight attendant who gets caught up in a plot between the police and an arms dealer (Samuel L. Jackson.) It’s definitely a recommended movie, even if just for the funk soundtrack.

I slept well that night, waking on Sunday to get ready to visit my sister and come home. I already discussed how well that went. Ugh.

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