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Last week, part 1 (or a?)

The week in review: (it might be a little lengthy…)
I finally had pizza with Mikell and Greg. That’s the only thing exciting that happened on Monday.


Tuesday I got sick, spending most of it in my bed. I felt all achy and yucky. I was fearing the flu, but I didn’t have a fever. Needless to say, not a good day. I did have a dinner meeting with some clients about a website… business must go on I’m afraid.

Elliott Smith also died this day. I’ve been such a huge fan for a while, and it hit me pretty hard. I suppose I now know how it felt to some when John Lennon was shot.


Wednesday was one of the best days in recent memory. The amazing fact is that it started at 6am, taking photos with Kelland of sunrise on campus. The best part of that was being up before anyone else was, which is a rarity in my life. I found that I have problems with architecture photography, always wishing I could get higher in the air or further away from the subject. I need a crane.

I did the usual class thing for the rest of the day, even putting in some hours at the Cisco labs. I did get a call from Krista about taking photos of something at the police station.

I rode my bike there, to find my editor-in-chief and the sports editor both getting drunk in a little room in the basement of the police station. Sitting across the table was a sheriff’s officer. They were doing some investigative reporting, finding how much it takes to become legally (or illegally) intoxicated. I took some fantastic photos of the whole ordeal, from breathalyzer tests to walking the line and touching your nose. It was a fun assignment, but I still had another that night.

^My friends, drunk in the police station elevator usually reserved for those arrested. Ahem. More photos here.

The annual Art Slam was taking place at the Bijou. So I biked there, getting there a bit late. I was surprised to see the place full, with most in Halloween costumes. Poetry, songs, readings and skits were all performed. A new professor, from D.C., read the lyrics to “Miss Misery” by Elliott Smith to the crowd. It really was a resolution for me, a tribute that I had been unable to give. This same professor also invited me to a house party he’ll be having in a month or so, with him spinning techno and house beats along with a few other DJs. Very exciting! I met so many people, most art students or fans of art. It’s unfortunate that something similar doesn’t happen every weekend, but I was glad to catch it when it did.

^Costumes galore, some risque! More here.

I felt really hungry afterwards. After finally remembering I missed dinner, I called Mikell to see if she wanted some food. We went to Village Inn, getting some delicious breakfast at 11pm, and really just acted off the wall. Not a bad thing, and a great ending for a great day.

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