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For the first time ever…

“And to the extent that the federal government didn’t fully do its job right, I take responsibility.”

– President Bush today in an Iraqi press conferencce. (login available at


  1. jim jim

    at least it didn’t take impeachment to get him to admit it.

    but unfortunately so many other lives were caught up in this… apples and oranges i guess.

    he still should have done it sooner.

    but hey, he did it.

    now what?

  2. QD QD


  3. I think this might be an instance where GodBlessAmerica may not apply. Maybe.

  4. QD QD

    GBA is always in effect. look at people like keith schaefer who put his life on the line to save hundreds of lives! GBA, my friend. G…B………… A.

  5. Keith Schaefer?
    I bet it looks great on his resume.

  6. Is this thing on?

  7. It is!
    A rather scary upgrade that now should be over. Hooray!

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