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Something I should really do…

With a modern take on the change jar, Bank of America has a new program that rounds up every debit card purchase to the nearest dollar. That extra money is transferred to your savings account.

As someone who keeps a change jar, I’m always amazed at the massive amount of money that ends up in it unmissed. And it might be the only way to make some people save.

Bank of America’s ‘Keep the Change’ (from Coudal)


  1. jim jim

    that is a phenominal idea.

    funny… i was just thinking about something like that… but more along the lines of “what if i put in … oh… 30c every day?”

    same thing i guess.

  2. and they should make it so you can only withdraw that saved money in pennies, nickels, and dimes. think of all the bubble gum you could buy!

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