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Grilled cheese sandwiches!

My really nice neighbor downstairs is making a bit more racket than normal for 2 a.m.

“Shit,” he just said as something crashed. I think he was making grilled cheese and it somehow got away from him. The smoke alarm went off, but not for very long… and when I opened my door, an odor of burnt cheese and thick smoke met my nose.

Billowing smoke is usually something I don’t stick around for, but he seemed to have things under control. This could be payback for leaving my alarm clock set to 6:30 a.m. for the four days I was in St. Louis earlier this month.


  1. jim jim

    that reminds me… we’re going out of town for the weekend. i need to remember to not do the same thing with my stereo. I have it set to start playing zao at 6am, and it progressively gets louder until you turn it off.

    and it plays through 5 cds, or until you shut it off. hmm… i wonder why the people above us moved??

  2. jim jim

    and is your neighbor ok?

  3. Greg Greg

    When WSU made the Sweet 16 people stormed the airport so they could greet the players.

  4. Jim, the neighbor is a-ok.

    And Greg, Bradley did a similar thing actually… close to a thousand people filled an aircraft hanger last night after they flew back.

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