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Wind-up canary

ADAM / JOURNAL STAR As things go south in IVC’s Class A scholastic bowl meeting with the Latin School, Randy Bard, Brett Sick, Micahel Hahn and Andy Smith all express frustration.

Happy first day of spring? Not so much.

Cold and disheartened, I was forced to cancel my triumphant return to the state of Kansas after dire warnings of snow and snow and maybe lava. There was an incredible array of variables that were needing to align just to make the trip possible, spanning two days in Wichita and two days in Hays. The silver lining in all of this is that Rita and I had a remarkable talk last night AND Amtrak gave me warm fuzzy feelings by giving me a 100% refund on my train tickets.

So instead of writing to you from a seat on a train hurtling through the night, I’m in the Journal Star photo office working on archiving an entire month of basketball. Even with Bradley’s remarkable entrance to the NCAA Sweet 16 (a feat that hasn’t occured in 51 years) I’m sick and tired of shooting the madness of March. The only thing that MIGHT have changed my mind would be a few days in sunny Oakland, California starting tomorrow. Matt will be doing that instead. Today was the first news assignment I’ve shot since February 27th. Wow wow wow.

In sad or happy news, the psuedo-beard has disappeared. It all started over the extended weekend in St. Louis shooting for the paper, but eventually evolved into a complex mix of lazyness, curiosity and determination. But that all flew out the window when patchy windows of bare skin made me look like a 14 year-old experimenting with facial hair for the first time.

I really like this song… and I’ll be writing again very soon.

Casey Dienel’s “Everything”

ADAM / JOURNAL STAR As part of an Illinois teen anti-smoking campaign, members of the REALITY Illinois project displayed 1,200 shoes on the grounds of the Civic Center Saturday. The shoes represent the daily tobacco related deaths.

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