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By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes

I have a particular bad habit of using the iBook while laying on my bed, usually with music playing in the other room and maybe a blanket on me. Some have called it a typical “Adam-pose,” but it just feels more productive than sitting in a kitchen chair at my make-shift desk.

There are dangers to doing this. I’m sure my condition is not severe enough to merit the label “narcolepsy,” but it’s safe to say that I can fall asleep very, very easily. Just like last night, at around 11:30pm.

When my eyes opened again, I immediately realized what had happened. So I threw the covers off, stood up and went to take a shower. It was in the bathroom that I noticed the dark sky outside and the clock reading 2:30am.


I finally broke down and watched “Something Wicked This Way Comes.” Growing up, I had it on VHS for many years and always loved it. I was a little fearful that it might be one of those childhood memories best left behind, but the movie still entertained and scared me at the ripe old age of 23.

Set in a Norman Rockwell-esque Green Town, Illinois, the movie at first disgusts you with an overabundance of Disney-goodwill. But keep with it… and the movie ends up making my skin crawl more than any slasher film ever will. All of this in a PG-rated film created in 1983.

The movie does have it’s faults; the superb book by Ray Bradbury is able to keep the movie from stabbing itself in the heart. Autumn carnivals, giving in to your desires, and a 1930’s gloss help those oranges and reds blend smoothly into delicious darkness that will return every time you see a merry-go-round blurring through the night.


  1. oh, typical adam-pose. you make me laugh

  2. jim jim


  3. jim jim

    i honestly don’t remember why i responded with “wow!”

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