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St. Louis: Friday

Bradley head coach Jim Les

I honestly wasn’t impressed driving west to east through St. Louis. Approaching it from the north ended up being a better idea, the Arch peaking over the hills before even the tips of skyscrapers became visible.

The majority of the day was a blur, with hotel check-in and media credential pick-up. Friday afternoon’s game against Creighton was surprising, like discovering that your best friend is fluent in second language. I did just fine shooting, but I wanted to do better.

Tony Bennett lets out a scream.

My hotel is nice, wonderful even. It’s the Hyatt at Union Station, an actual passenger rail station that was converted into an entertainment district about 30 years ago. Besides the kitschy tourist stores that clog the station, it does have a breathtaking Grand Hall, with huge arches, statuary and ornate stained glass. I stood in it for almost 15 minutes, wishing it were new again.

Later that night, I went to get seafood with a photographer I met, Rebecca Gratz from the Omaha World-Herald. And since we all know that the Earth is a small and connected place, she invited a photographer friend along: Travis Heying, Wichita Eagle. AND!.. Larry W. Smith, freelancer extraordinaire. I may never escape Wichita… but it was really great to hang out with the three of them.

Rebecca Gratz

Larry W. Smith

One neat thing about “big media” events are the freebies; and this includes alcohol. After each session of the Missouri Valley tournament, a suite in the Hyatt is stocked with food, beer, wine and other things, just to help us bond and wind down. It was on the second floor of the “train concourse” area, overlooking the storefronts. And the crazy people sleeping on the ground in hopes of Cardinals tickets. And the pretty high school couples leaving a dance held elsewhere in the station.

Unfortunately, I am NOT a member of the fat, middle-aged white male club and soon found that I was bored and ready to leave.


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