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Category: Movie Night

Welcome to Movie Night. Every Tuesday Monday night. Or whatever day of the week that we have free.

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Episode 44: “Animal Kingdom”

We get friendly with the Aussies in Animal Kingdom but avoid the crutch of subtitles. Afterwards, the gang finds overuse of the phrase first of all and explores a man driven to the comforts of white noise. It’s big trees and pissy little bugs.

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Episode 43: “Paris, Texas”

We take a road trip to Paris, Texas and let ourselves become saturated in the Wim Wenders landscape. But that only lasts so long, as there is much to discuss about gangsta rap, Mr. Oswald and Thanksgiving traditions. I’m not afraid of heights. Im afraid of fallin’.

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Episode 41: “The Falls”

We attempt our longest movie yet, sitting through 92 biographies in The Falls. Ascrib Fallstaff. Pernicious inclusion of fictional character. Criminal charge pending.

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Episode 39: “Incubus”

Marveling at a young William Shatner in Incubus (halting speech and all), we discuss our cars of yore and whether chewing gum remains chewable. He was unafraid!

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Episode 37: “The Third Man”

This is a textbook case of why you shouldn’t eat food during a podcast. We get our zithers out at watch The Third Man. Next time well have a foolproof coffin.

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Episode 36: “Serpico”

We gather for Serpico and quickly learn that you cant mic a large group using a laptop on a coffee table. Barto, stop buggin’ me!

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