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Here's my Home Base where the magic occurs

And to show that I'm totally "with it" as the indie gangstas would 
say, here's a quote which sums up the Independent music mentality to a tee.

"So long as you write what you wish to write, that is all that matters; 
and whether it matters for ages or only for hours, nobody can say.
But to sacrifice a hair of the head of your vision, a shade of its
colour, in deference to some Headmaster with a silver pot in his hand
or to some professor with a measuring-rod up his sleeve, is the most
abject treachery, and the sacrifice of wealth and chastity which used
to be said to be the greatest of human disasters, a mere flea-bite
in comparison."
-Virginia Woolf.

Update 12-7-04

Goodness gracious!  What a long wait for an update. Do I have a good excuse?
Well... do you have a good excuse?  That's what I thought.

Here's some of what I've been up to.

Luke Havergal by Edwin Arlington Robinson
The College Colonel by Ernest Hemmingway

These two songs are the recordings of the songs I did for my two American Lit classes.
I wrote everything and recorded everything except for the mellophone part on
Havergal.  There I was assisted by Hannah Owens.

I hope you enjoy.  Tell me what you think at gullibul@ku.edu

ps.  If you're interested in hearing anything else, try I'm Disappearing, Yeah or
one of the songs on my About Me page.

Update 3-4-04

Howdy, ya'll!  That's Kansan for "get the hell out of my way!"

I just finished a tab of I Felt Your Shape by the Microphones for Mike,
so you can link yourself on over and have a looksee if you like.
It's a fun little acoustic number, so that went pretty well.
I've got sommore songs I could tab out that I figured out, such as
The Patio Song by Gorky's Zygotic Mynci... I haven't decided if I'll
flesh it out or not though.  Let me know via email if anyone reading
this would be interested.  Anyway, that's all.  Enjoy the music.

Update 2-12-04

Here's for a brief first update of the new leap year.
I've finished in a brief amount of time the tab for the Essex Green song Carballo.
Enjoy.  I'll add more later.  Thanks to anyone out there checking back in.

Update 9-27-03

I added a couple of tabs.  One Of Montreal one that I had finished off a while ago and 
one of a new Belle and Sebastian song from Dear Catastrophe Waitress.  I Can't Stop
Your Memory and Lord Anthony respectively.

In other news, Belle and Sebastian are playing at Liberty hall coming up, and I've already
got my ticket.... So it's been a good season.

Update: 9-17-03

Just in case any of you are actually checking back here, I'm updating my page a bit.  This
is mostly so I can post a new demo which I thought might be sort of interesting to listen to
for anyone out there.  You can tell it's a demo because, for instance, there are no words.
It's just me mumbling over some chords and stuff.  Kinda relaxing... kinda lazy fun.  At 
least it's something I've written instead of a cover.  Here it is anyway.

Hooray Fair Demo

Enjoy, or email me with your comments if you like.  I'll try to put sommore tabs up soon.

Update: 8-7-03

What has happened in a couple months?  Alot.  Many birthdays.  My dad is ??, my sister is
22, Adam is 21, and notably Camille is 20.  But this ain't no blog site.

As for new content, I've decided to post two of the songs from my first recorded album,
dedicated to my dear love Camille, and entitled You Me and Gravity.  I'm  pretty stoked
about it's 35 minutes or so of covers and original material.  I've put two of the new recorded
songs in the About Me page.  The idea is to replace my old four track versions of Tore Me
Down and Learning to Hunt with newer, better sounding, and more complicated fare.
Hopefully someone will actually hear them.

Oh, and thanks to namelessnumberheadman and Galaxie 500 for writing two killer songs.

Update: 6-6-03

Hello again from me, sole visitor.  I've added an about me page to the site
in order to hopefully satisfy my own selfish wants to fulfill my album
collection... and to provide a little more info about me to anyone
naturally curious.  Check it out, and as always, enjoy my load.

Update: 5-25-03

Hi. I kinda felt like I needed to update the basic page since I realized 
that some people were actually getting here (maybe accidentily) from search 
engines and stuff.

So check the tab page for all the new stuff. 
I have some tabs by Of Montreal, The White Stripes, Quasi, Iron and Wine and 
Nico to name a few. I'll be adding an Olivia Tremor Control tab for No Growin' 
as soon as I get it written out. Enjoy my load.

Update: Some time in the past 

The Lion's mane tab not a particularly pretty offering