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Tortellini torture
I’m usually cautious of Peoria’s restaurants, wary of their bland dishes and perplexing hours. Today proved to be a bad day to throw caution to the wind. Come with me to La Gondola Spaghetti House. You shouldn’t, but you must if you are to empathize. A nondescript, family-owned Italian place in the Northpoint Shopping Center, La Gondola is a no-frills eatery that caters to take-out orders. Famished from my adventure in car repair, I stop inside and order their tortellini. Let me say that I am normally a fanatic Italian lover, growing giddy at their plentiful use of cheese as much as that man on the corner craves his 40-ounce malt liquor. I’m deep in reading when my food comes: a pile of reheated tortellini, piled on a styrofoam plate and topped with gloopy goulash sauce. Oh SHIT. I ate that $6 plate of institutional crap, sobbed a little in the backseat of my car afterwards and drove away.

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Academic comic novels (ACN)
Zadie Smith’s “On Beauty”

Stasi love
“The Lives of Others

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