The Ring of Truth

The Ring of TruthIn the lobby of our complex at One News Plaza, high above the Illinois River, a gigantic brass bell once hung from the wall to remind visitors to James S. Copley‘s principle to uphold great journalism by “ringing” a bell to inform and educate the public.

This credo was best represented in a yearly competition among the Copley papers, from the large San Diego Union-Tribune to the small Ohio dailies. Each submits a very select number of articles, photographs and designs to be judged, and the winners are awarded very nice monetary prizes. Even a mid-sized paper like the Journal Star doesn’t always win an award in each category every year. It’s a really great incentive, a rarity among newspaper chains.

One of mine actually won. A photograph of a couple in the twilight of their lives, dying together.

But now we’re no longer a Copley paper, and the suits back in San Diego have no interest in getting their bell back. The Journal Star has put it up for auction to any employee wishing to take it home.

Bidding is currently at $100, ending Friday. What better prize is there than a 300-pound brass bell?

4 thoughts on “The Ring of Truth

  1. I think you need that — to remind you of your purpose in life.

    Congrats on winning! That photograph was really awesome; it made me think about a lot of things, mainly the fact that I don’t want to get old.

    Sure do miss you sometimes. You spaz.

  2. Leslie, I miss your southern drawl. You’d try to hide it, but it was always a few syllables away.

    Shoot me an email, eh?

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