Death by fromage


Greetings from Wisconsin, where a man can easily cause great bodily harm through cheese and beer.

And so it was done (mainly through half a dozen cheeses) on our first night in Milwaukee. I won’t bother namedropping, since the names were scratched on a chalkboard under candlelight. Suffice to say that a pretty penny was spent at Wolf Peach and there were no regrets.

There’s some regrettable news about this city. Cabs seem to be the name of the game. Part of this stems from our hotel’s location on the western most west part of Westown, a recently emerging spot of urban renewal. But The Brewhouse Inn & Suites was too strange to pass up. It’s the gothic-adorned former home of Pabst Brewery, with a large Pabst sign bridging two of the buildings and giant gold cauldrons still in place despite the factory closing in 1996.


The hotel that now resides within has only been open a year. The joint is very nice, undeniably unique, but insists on using a description that makes my face twitch: steam punk.

The interior design of the hotel is Neo-Victorian, Industrial, Steam Punk.

Where else do you think you’ll be able to get any number of menu favorites with a side of steampunk design sensibility ands unparalleled service?

Steam punk or steampunk? And how is either sensible? I’ll dig for answers.


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  1. Have fun in Milwaukee. My friend Dan grew up there and I visited several times. I remember driving by the old Pabst building that was vacant at the time. We would always go tour the Miller brewery where Pabst had leased room to brew their beer. If you get a chance to go I suggest stealing one of the beer sample glasses as a momento

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