A trip to the X-band: 4/16/19

(From a random evening cruising the AM dial from a radio I’ve since forgotten. Not helpful, but it seemed wasteful to just delete a record of what was heard on a particular instance in Peoria, Illinois.)

1710 kHz: Nothing.

1700: WJCC. Spanish language music. 1,160 miles from Miami Springs, Florida.

1690: WVON. Loads of interference. 120 miles from Berwyn, Illinois

1680: WPRR. R&B music. 260 miles from Grand Rapids, Michigan

1670: WMGE. Weak signal. 630 miles from Macon, Georgia

1660: KWOD. THunder Radio Network. 290 miles from Kansas City / KQWB. Voice of the Bison. 560 miles from Fargo, North Dakota.

1650: KFSW. 450 miles from Ft. Smith, Arkansas /KCNZ. 190 miles from Cedar Falls, Iowa

1640: WSJP. 180 miles from Sussex, Wisconsin

1630: KCJJ. Kryptonite song. 120 miles from Iowa City, Iowa

1620: Mess of signals.

1610: Dead.

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