Episode 97: “Her”

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No animals were harmed in the making of this podcast. How this relates to Her is difficult to understand, but every episode must have a beginning. This film unearths surprising annoyance among some in our group. Too twee? Maybe. Too shallow? Perhaps. We finally debate gifts from previous romantic partners while a certain noisy stomach ruins the mood. You’re dating an OS? What is that like?

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2 responses to “Episode 97: “Her””

  1. Jon Avatar

    Lincoln was born in Feb (see President’s Day). His death was 150 years ago, April 15th. Hitler was born today, in 1889. HaPpY 126th, Hitler! 500 Days of Summer was less painful, btw.

  2. Jon Avatar

    Oh, Feb movie. Lincoln would have been 206 this year if he hadn’t been assassinated.

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