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Episode 108: “Requiem for a Heavyweight”

Pow! Right in the kisser! Requiem for a Heavyweight gives us a first-person perspective of what it’s like to be punched in the face by Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali.) Ouch. But that’s not as bad as sitting beneath a giant swing-arm desk lamp, sweating for a podcast recording. Take a good look in the mirror and then say goodbye to what you see.

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Episode 107: “Akira”

Everything went south after 16 minutes and 35 seconds, but why deprive you of Akira because of our technical gaffe? Amoebas don’t make motorcycles and atomic bombs!

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Episode 106: “Blown Away”

We breeze through the plot of 1994’s Blown Away. A movie about big name actors and wind. Not wind, bombs. Hi, Frank. Would you go on a first date at a chain restaurant? Does television ubiquity stress you out? Bye, Frank. Two mustards, please.

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Episode 105: “The Exorcist III”

Once more, a sequel. A sequel again! The Exoricst III. Or The Exorcist 3. We don’t fear hell. Christian names. Turlet. Fractured sentences. It’s the smiles that keep us going. The bits of giggles and good cheer.

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Episode 104: “Whiplash”

Was that a horse? Drumroll please…that WAS a horse. Whiplash is about jazz, obviously. Did I say jazz? I meant jerks. Raised voices, some strong-ish opinions and a mysterious knock at the door. Good job. What are you… there’s no fucking Mars Bar down there, what are you looking at?

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Episode 103: “The Long Goodbye”

Toilet talk. Both kinds. And a slow-paced, shuffle-y discussion of Robert Altman’s slow-paced, shuffle-y film The Long Goodbye. We dedicate more time to the movie than usual. Whether that’s (number one) good or (number two) bad is up to you, the listener. You’re gonna take that goddamn J.C. Penney tie off and we’re gonna have an old fashioned man-to-man drinking party.

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Episode 102: “Paris Blues”

Sidney and Paul (Poitier and Newman) return! Paris Blues is about jazz, obviously. While certain beloved members of the M’Night Crew are missing, the mood somehow remains positive. Having trouble making new friends? You should probably nap more. This episode was not sponsored by, and will never be heard by, the city of Atlanta. Well, a vacation certainly goes awfully fast, doesn’t it, when you’re having a good time.

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Episode 101: “Kid Monk Baroni”

We attempt to honor the late Leonard Nimoy with his first staring role, Kid Monk Baroni. A pleasant enough movie about a street tough turned disfigured(?) boxer. Punching technique is questioned. As well as Spock’s sitar prowess (turns out, he had none, although he was quite a lutist). If a hard open on popped knuckles sounds off-putting, unsubscribe now. Sometimes in anger one forgets the Lord but never the knack of throwing a left jab.

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