Happy Easter

I went to three egg hunts last weekend, shooting video for this piece. This photo might explain my feelings while enduring rabid kids beating each other senseless as they collect plastic eggs.

4 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. That pic is prophetic of how my experience at my in-laws will be today.

    And that video was quite classy. I liked the victorious look on the girls face when she got that chocolate egg. And “that’s my egg!!” brings me back to that tinge of dread I was tasting before.

    But hey, Zeke will ensure that does not overshadow the entire day, since he can do no more than sit up and bang eggs on the ground.

    Happy Easter, Adam.

  2. I really enjoy these videos you make, Adam, as some things just can’t be captured by photography alone.

    This one had so many subtleties that reflect your disdain for the holiday — like the yellow rabbit putting his hand on the side of his face as if to say “Oh God, why did I have to wake up alive this morning?” or the dad pummeling his children on the grassy knoll in front of everyone. And is it just me, or did that one kid that said he had “too many, too many, too many” seem like a future soul-crushing CEO and weekend alcoholic?

    You know, little kids are impressionable, so you could have easily taught them how to use their egg-filled sacks as a bludgeoning device to cut through the crowd.

    Sorry for the long comment. I’m just trying to say happy Easter!

  3. great video, man. i like the dark clouds on the horizon. i think covering the easter egg hunt for the hdn was my breaking point.

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