Just not good

TUESDAY UPDATE: NYT’s “The Lede” continues to publish as things develop. The Washington Post posts excerpts from student blogs. But more interesting than all of this are the Second Life virtual memorial services. Extremely creepy.

You’ve heard it all day, but I still feel remiss not mentioning it… hearing that there is a gunman in a school barely registered when I awoke this morning. Reports said that at least one was killed, a tragic number but not an epic number. But then the number swelled, ending at 21 32 dead. This firmly places it as the deadliest shooting rampage in U.S. history.

Since details are always sketchy in breaking news events, most news organizations are trying out rapid-fire updating as the story develops.

+ The New York Times
+ The Roanoke Times

This means most local news takes a backseat, making for a very slow Monday at work. How are you?

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